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Zebpay Continues European Expansion, Launches EU-Wide Trading Tournament

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Founded in 2015 at India, Zebpay climbed into one of the nation's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges prior to shuttering its performance in September 2018, on account of the crypto ban from the nation.

The market can be conducting a European gambling contest that will launch today, February 1, 2019. The championship is going to be employed by the crypto system to recognize and reward pro dealers in Europe. In part, this contest is really a cheers into Zebpay's growth, however the self-proclaimed"brand new member of this European crypto community" said it is also in a bid"to create a connection with all an crypto trading community and also reveal why more than 3 million customers worldwide trust and revel in utilizing Zebpay."

He stated,"As we continue to grow to new lands, we would like to construct powerful connections with crypto communities, both fans and dealers in present ecosystems. Our system is conflict tested with tens of thousands of customers (most of whom are fresh into the area ) with episode free handling of tens of thousands worth of resources. We can not wait to learn the way the new nations that we have expanded to socialize with our stage."

"As of now we serve the majority of those EU nations and also have begun accepting clients from throughout the world such as South America and Asia," he added.

The trading contest will be available to all European nations where Zebpay's providers are offered, such as the five nations which are currently available now.

"The objective of the contest is to promote wholesome competition amongst traders and also for new dealers to acquire a flavor of their Zebpay platform," Khurana informed Bitcoin Magazine.

The market will pick 50 participants randomly to compete at a trading obstacle. Each player will receive $1,000 to exchange on the stage for 30 days. There'll be a people leaderboard, in which dealers can track their progress around the stage along with a 24/7 service team will soon be available to aid participants each step along the way.

In the close of the contest, the top 10 dealers are going to continue to keep the balance in their accounts. People of us who don't get the cut will probably find a benefit of $100 for participating in the championship.


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