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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says, "Bitcoin Is the Only Crypto He Holds"

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Twitter along with Square CEO Jack Dorsey has again expressed his pro-Bitcoin (BTC) position, showing that the only crypto he holds is BTC, as demonstrated by a tweet on Feb. 6.

The famous Bitcoin supporter has revealed his cryptocurrency of decision following a recent interview at which Dorsey maintained that he still considers that Bitcoin would be the the native currency of internet.

At a ribbon of the tweet that collected over 5,000 enjoys, Dorsey reiterated his prior statements regarding the biggest and oldest cryptocurrency, additionally calling it a"brand." He wrote:

    "Bitcoin is springy. Bitcoin is native to online ideals."

When asked about the particular attributes of Bitcoin that provoke Dorsey the maximum, the bitcoin bull has again pointed in Bitcoin's potential to become the internet's native currency. Especially, Dorsey reacted:

    "Everything. Mostly I believe it has the best chance of being the Net's native currency. If you think of the net as you would a nation, that's huge."

In a different reaction on the ribbon, Dorsey has also speculated that Square payment operator could restart accepting Bitcoin at"near future" after failing to do in 2014, because the firm"wasn't ready" for this now.

Dubbed LN Trust Chain, the test aims to show the functionality of trades on LN and signifies a set of transactions between users of their LN network.

Inside the experiment, each user gets the trade, adds a minimal number of 10,000 satoshis (roughly $0.34), and passes it to someone else that they trust. The LN Trust Chain, also called the"Lightning Torch," has accumulated approximately $98 at press time.

Ranked that the 89th entrant at Forbes"400 Wealthiest Americans" at 2018, Dorsey reportedly has a net value of $5.1 billion at press time.

Bitcoin is almost 2% over the previous week, trading at $3,412 at once together with all the market cap of around $60 billion, based on data from CoinMarketCap.


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