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Tron Project Accused of Misleading Developers in $1 Million Dapp Contest

- 09.57
Tron Project Accused of Misleading Developers in $1 Million Dapp Contest

Was Tron's famous $1 million blockchain dapp development contest a con trick? The issue is currently doing the rounds on social websites nowadays.

Redditor 9HIL gathered pieces of evidence which show that Tron was deceiving participants. The individual investigator substantiated who Tron firstly postponed its winner announcement and then shifted prize payouts. For instance, the cheapest winning of 5,000 was, at the last moment, shrunk to $1,000. At the identical period, the whole amount of winners was raised from 56 jobs to more than 100.

9HIL supplied the replica of an email that Tron supposedly sent to contestants. It read:

    "Due to the unexpectedly substantial volume of aggressive jobs, we've made some alterations to the prize construction, among them is to award over 100+ projects instead of 56 jobs. More information to be announced soon. Please stay tuned."

Many contestants achieved into the Tron Accelerator program's officials with their discontent. One Super Representative (SR), which can be democratically elected governors from the Tron system, stated that he doesn't think that dapp competition winners would get their total winnings. Excerpt from his announcement:

    "Nobody even knows they'll cover the full 1,000,000 [USDT] I can guarantee that they won't. They didn't pay out the entire amount last contest."

The SR also said Tron cut trophy numbers not due to more contestants entering the competition but because of their tendency to spend the amount in total.
A $200k Winner Who Doesn't Exist?

9HIL revealed that the dapp developers who obtained $1,000 prize cash aren't coming out at open while a thing who announced that it brought $200,000 via its Instagram channel was unfindable over the remainder of the web.

"Do not bother attempting to google it, nothing will come up," the Redditor wrote. "We all were able to find about this mysterious job was [an] embarrassingly empty GitHub with only [three] commits and The smart contract code is nonexistent, and whether the website is doing this, it appears to be on Shasta testnet."

The GitHub account mentioned previously allegedly went confidential one day after 9HIL made accusations from the Tron team. Upon investigation, among the SR candidates also found that winner's"dapp" was just a Microsoft term plugin. Investigators could not find it to the mainnet even when Tron Accelerator had asked entrants to place their dapp on it.
Copy-Paste Projects Won

Ethereum developers ported their dapps on the Tron mainnet to participate in the competition. 1 programmer made a decision to port his'Shrimp Farm' project from Ethereum to Tron as an experiment. A participant allegedly cloned the said project and submitted it as his own to the Tron competition. With both the jobs in the competition, Tron allegedly selected the clone as the winner.

"Astonishingly, although Tron Shrimp had the most volume, consumers, and [trades ], it did not win a prize," wrote 9HIL. "BUT ONE OF THE CLONES OF THIS CLONE DID! The Anthills developer"DIEGO" posted to his community he was among those winners"

One of those judges, Vincent Niu in Dapp Review, admitted that if there wasn't a"screening" round for several of the dapps, he did not have to review all. He clarified being contacted to examine some 40 dapps that he assumed was"to the big prize."

On the other hand, Tron Accelerator sent mails to all its participants, saying they had selected all the winners.

The Tron group hasn't posted any clarifications on the accusation yet.


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