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Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Expose Crypto to Millions of Tech Savvy Users

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Expose Crypto to Millions of Tech Savvy Users
This week, pictures were leaked possibly giving the world its first glimpse at South Korea-based technology giant Samsung's flagship smartphone, even that the Galaxy S10. One of the pictures, was evidence that Samsung could be prepared to establish a crypto wallet to store cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and a blockchain explorer agency named Samsung Blockchain KeyStore.

Though the leaked pictures are not yet confirmation that the much-anticipated iPhone killer will indeed ship using the crypto wallet in tow, even if it will, Samsung will soon be exposing crypto and blockchain to countless of its most tech-savvy smartphone users.

The smart phone market has been among the hottest markets using the fiercest competition during the last decade. Apple and Samsung, and more recently in Asia, Xiaomi, have been battling for market share and are continuously adding new features to their smartphones in every new iteration to lure users from 1 brand to the other.

Samsung frequently leads with fresh attributes, although Apple is said to afterwards take those same features and them. From the Galaxy S10 -- that the closest competitor to Apple's iPhone -- Samsung may be adding a crypto wallet and other blockchain-associated characteristics to the phone with a new Blockchain KeyStore program.

In accordance with Samsung-focused media socket SamMobile, fresh leaked pictures of the Galaxy S10 seem to reveal that the Blockchain KeyStore program live in actions. The program welcome page explains that Samsung Blockchain KeyStore"is a secure and convenient spot for your cryptocurrency."

The presence of Samsung's Blockchain Keystore was first reported last month, originating from patents that the South Korean company had formerly filed in regard to cryptocurrency wallets for cold storage, among other blockchain-related patents.

Initial reports stated that the Blockchain Keystore app will keep private keys supporting biometric authentication, may signal trades, and will view account information and transaction history of every cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency is a new technology, and emerging asset type that is not widely known by the general people. Like the internet prior to this, crypto has several years of adoption before it before its potential is fully realized. This latest move from Samsung may accelerate crypto adoption by exposing cryptocurrencies and blockchain to its own million of customers who will buy the flagship smartphone.

The initial Galaxy S started in June 2010, and in the two years since smartphones went out of a device reserved for tech fans trying to find the next huge item , to becoming an everyday item people can't live without. Samsung's addition of crypto-related attributes in its smartphone may do the exact same to get cryptocurrencies.

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Smartphones have succeeded because of their simplistic design, simplicity of use, and also the fact they have become an almost indispensable apparatus for those trying to stay in contact with friends, family members, and business contacts. By placing cryptocurrencies at the hands of these users, crypto might see a similar route of adoption via familiarity alone.

The year that the Galaxy S released, Samsung shipped 22 million units of this smartphone. But starting in Q2 2013, once the smartphone marketplace started to boom, Samsung has shipped over 70 million units a quarter, nearly nearly 300 million smartphones shipped each year.

In the nearly six years since then, Samsung has shipped nearly 2 million smartphones. While it took years to reach, the inclusion of a crypto wallet in Samsung smartphone has the capability to expose crypto and blockchain into countless -- and potentially billions -- of tech-savvy smartphone consumers.


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