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Report: New Zealand Cryptopia Exchange Hack Continues

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Fourteen days after it first reported a hack on New Zealand-established cryptocurrency market Cryptopia remains compromised by cyber criminals, according to a blog post by blockchain infrastructure firm Elementus on Jan. 29.

The exchange frozen services following detecting a major hack on that allegedly"resulted in significant losses" on Jan. 15. Cryptopia stated that the hack occurred the previous afternoon on Jan. 14. The stage originally stated that it was undergoing unscheduled maintenance, issuing several brief updates before demonstrating the violation.

Per the blog, statistics over the Ethereum public blockchain suggests that funds began to be siphoned from Cryptopia's two core pockets -- just holding ETH, another tokens -- at the morning of Jan. 13.

In the current post, Elementus claims that the attack is ongoing and hackers have murdered 1,675 ETH ($175,875) out of 17,000 Cryptopia wallets, accumulating at this speech . It further claims that one of the 17,000 affected wallets are 5,000 which were emptied when the system was initially broken up, but have been refilled.

Elementus says that it was apparent that the exact same hacker or hackers are responsible for the continued security breach, as the capital have been transferred into the address used in the initial hack. Both aforementioned addresses on Etherscan happen to be flagged due to their involvement in the hack and the website has warned that the public ought to proceed with caution when interacting with the addresses.

The website concludes that Cryptopia doesn't have control within its Ethereum pockets, although the hacker still does. Some in the crypto community have noted this is not a second attack on Cybertopia's wallets, but also a continuation of the hack.

    "The nature of this compromise isthe attacker accomplishes their ETH privkey and deleted [Cryptopia's] copy. Same hack, just new histrionic-newsable point to steal your focus in case you never heard the basics of how private keys do the job "

Yesterday, a report by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis stated that two hacker groups have allegedly stolen $1 billion in cryptocurrency. As per a report shared with all the Wall Street Journal, two things have received the majority of cash lost in cryptocurrency scams.


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