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EO.Finance Launches Highest Paying Crypto Referral Program of 2019

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EO.Finance Launches Highest Paying Crypto Referral Program of 2019

The EO Referral Program, already touted as a significant improvement to this ecosystem was launched, and more details can eventually be shown. Offering 30 percent of transaction fees for each referral, it's anticipated to be the top paying crypto referral application of 2019.

Each user will get their own unique invite link, which can be shared with friends or through social media, in order to start earning 30 percent of the firms fees for each transaction made by somebody who registered with their distinctive link. Additional get 5 percent of the fees for each new referral released by your own referral, raising earning potential and incorporating even more advantages to an already feature packed ecosystem. 

The fact that the ecosystem supports credit and debit card transactions, in addition to more than 40 cryptocurrencies means it will be much simpler for you to get started earning from the referrals.

The EO Referral Program may even expand to EO.Trade following launch, meaning it will be possible to make from a single referrals trades across multiple goods over the EO ecosystem. It's crucial to be aware that the amount of 30 percent is significantly greater than most competitors offer.

Payment will be made in the identical currency as was bought or exchanged. Withdrawal of the profits earned through the program may be made immediately, meaning you can earn instantly from the referral. The gains may also be traded into any available currency as desired.

Many will also be pleased to hear that the program extends to all those referred during the crowdsale. Meaning if you referred someone throughout the crowdsale, to make in your bounty plan on offer - these same referrals will still be active, enabling you to get the 30% from charges on EO.Finance and EO.Trade.

For website owners and traffic managers promotional materials can be offered, such as: videos and banners in different sizes and languages.


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