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Bitcoin Wallet Forced to Drop Key Privacy Features From Google Play App

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Bitcoin Wallet Forced to Drop Key Privacy Features From Google Play App

Privacy-focused bitcoin pocket Samourai is having its hands forced by Google.

As demonstrated by a Samourai blog article, the wallet provider is disabling privacy characteristics that are crucial to its design before its most recent model, 0.99.4, hits the Google Play store tomorrow.

The solitude restrictions only affect the version of the wallet on Google Play. To bypass these limitations, users may even download what Samourai calls the"non-nerfed version" of the wallet customer's most up-to-date version straight from the job's Github. Down the street, the group also hopes to get the wallet, solitude features fully-enabled, recorded on F-Droid and other alternative, open-source app shops, too.

"In October, Google announced changes to their own policies regarding SMS and Dialer permissions that apps are allowed to use. The manner that our Stealth Mode, Remote SMS commands, also SIM Switch Defense work demand use of these permissions," a Samourai Wallet representative informed Bitcoin Magazine in an email correspondence.

Samourai went to register for an exemption, but they had been advised of their exemption rejection just"a couple of days ago," according to the representative.

"Unfortunately, they didn't tell us anything specifically, we heard of that which through automatic emails that couldn't be reacted to," they lasted.

Samourai is only available for Android, in part as it can not pin down iOS programmers who"are eager to work for the fire of it over the gain," the representative suggested. The project has not"had much chance with iOS developers so far," but it's"committed to bringing some version of Samourai to the iOS store eventually," they claimed.

With these restrictions, Samourai lamented the shifting landscape of Android over the past few versions. All these changes have, in Samourai's words,'' created a"walled garden," something that the wallet provider discusses in its site post and triumphed in our correspondence.

"Very strict modifications in desktop information a few versions ago supposed that Samourai users could no longer receive alarms on incoming payments unless we routed all alarms through Google's servers. We obviously decided not to do that, but this has been in our view -- the beginnings of this garden being built. The latest policy changes regarding SMS and Dialer permissions reveal a marked reversal of strategy for Google, making it closer to alignment with the Apple iOS Store than previously."

If users choose to obtain the wallet straight from Samourai's Github, then the group cautioned that they should"verify the integrity of the APK they download by comparing the SHA-256 hash in their APK using the SHA-256 hash printed on Github."


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