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'Bitcoin is My First Love': Coinbase CEO Champions Top Coin on Its 10th Birthday

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'Bitcoin Is My First Love': Coinbase CEO Champions Top Coin on Its 10th Birthday

Brian Armstrong, creator and CEO of United States cryptocurrency market Coinbase, has confessed that"Bitcoin is my first love" at a series of tweets commemorating the coin's 10th birthday, Jan. 3.

Summing up a thread in which he explained the way he entered the Business and assembled one of its very Prosperous firms, Armstrong composed :

    "Bitcoin is one of the most significant inventions of all time, and it has launched a global movement. It is awesome to see an whole ecosystem spring up about itBitcoin is my first love."

Armstrong pointed out that Bitcoin is still the hottest asset both for brand new Coinbase clients and long time hodlers. The firm's CEO also tweeted regarding cryptocurrency's future possible. As per Armstrong, the Market Is Just beginning to grow:

    "I believe we're still at the start. The white paper signaled the beginning of a movement along with the complete promise of Bitcoin is still yet to be realized."

Besides this, the Coinbase co-founder briefly recounted the founding narrative of the major market, showing he first browse Satoshi Nakamoto's white newspaper in 2010 and has been thinking of it for the next six weeks.

As of press time, Coinbase's specialist trading platform will be the world's 30th largest crypto exchange by adjusted daily trade volume with, visiting $85.4 million in transactions over the day to press on time.

The Bitcoin whitepaper was released on Oct. 31, 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin whose individuality has yet to be shown . Yesterday, Jan. 3, marked ten years because the invention of this very first block, known as"genesis block," on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin's anniversary this year was marked by an event dubbed "Proof of Keys" -- if crypto holders were invited to draw their capital from all possible exchanges and other third party mediators to demonstrate their control over their funds.


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