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Bitcoin (BTC) Will Soon Break Record for its Longest Correction Ever, Where Will it Go Next?

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The past year has been lengthy and difficult for everybody involved in the cryptocurrency business, along with the economies are currently reaching a stage that will indicate the longest Bitcoin (BTC) price correction at the cryptocurrency's rampant, albeit short, history.

For investors who have been riding the markets since Bitcoin hit almost $20,000 at late-2017, they will probably be able to say that they survived the longest-ever crypto market correction, which may someday be viewed as a badge of honour that separates the true believers at the technology by the speculators.

Although this nearly 85% drop was substantial, it is no secret that Bitcoin quickly recovered from that and surged almost continually until December of 2017 when BTC attained highs of over $19,000.

The aforementioned fall between late-2013 along with early-2015 continued a total of about 410 days ahead of Bitcoin finally found a long-term bottom and began to recover a lot of its losses. The existing BTC keep market is only a matter of days away from becoming the longest in its foundation.

Josh Rager, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, talked about the current length of the bear market compared to what started in 2013, saying:

    "$BTC correction document: On Feb 2nd, we're likely to break the record for maximum Bitcoin correction: 410 days (out of Nov 2013 to cheapest price at Jan 2015)... Quite soon, you will be able to state that you lived the maximum crypto market correction at $BTC history."

Will Bitcoin Follow 2015's Economy Patterns?

Although the cryptocurrency markets are in a very different position now than they have been in 2015, if the present pricing activity continues to closely mirror that of 2015's, the markets might be nearing a long term base that will ignite a long duration of accumulation prior to the markets begin to grow again.


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