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Top 5 Crypto Performance Overview: Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, TRON, Bitcoin SV, DASH

- 21.10
Top 5 Crypto Performance Overview: Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, TRON, Bitcoin SV, DASH

Cryptocurrencies as an asset class have been maturing and carving out their own market. Even though the equity markets had their worst week at the past ten years, the crypto markets have bounced sharply from their lows, demonstrating first signs of a recovery.

However, following the massive destruction of riches this year, it is going to require over a bounce to validate the start of a new uptrend. Although those bounces are a fantastic chance for short-term dealers, the investors need to search for large bottoming formations that signal the beginning of an uptrend.

After the first bounce, the traders will look for indications of improving basics before arriving in with new cash. Therefore, even though the bounce is a positive sign, it is still not an all-clear sign. Let's look at the top five performers of the week.


It was the greatest performing cryptocurrency with an enormous margin. The explosion helped it grow back into the fourth place in terms of market capitalization.

But before the rally started, Bitcoin Cash's price was overtaken by Ethereum for the first time ever, which reveals the sort of damage the bear market and the hard fork needed on it. So, following the recent upswing, what's in store for all of us in the not too distant future? Let us find out.

We will consider only the time following the most recent hard fork. That is a drop of 83.71 percentage in per month. Since the crypto markets are hugely volatile, we always advocate trading with the use of stop losses.

The significant trend still remains down, but the short-term trend looks to be shifting. The 20-day EMA is turned upward, and also the RSI can be from the real land, which validates our outlook.

Yet, despite the recent pullback, the cryptocurrency has only retraced near 50 percent of the late fall. We expect a solid resistance at $262.43, as the 50-day SMA can be located at this level.

If BCH doesn't give up much ground within the next few times, it would suggest strong buying support at these levels. If the bulls sustain the cost above the 20-day EMA, it is going to increase the likelihood of a dip to $307.01, and it can be a 61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement of this collapse.

But if the bears again melts and sink the cost beneath the 20-day EMA, it can slump back to the lows.


The groups of this IOTA base and Audi have shown that the results of the five-month very long job to a target audience. The focus was to find solutions for real world problems in the field of mobility, net of items and the automotive sector.

The IOTA foundation announced a fresh hash function named"Troika," developed by CYBERCRYPT. Even though it has completed various rounds of review, the base has put it to the public for analysis. The team or individual that fractures, it can walk off with prize money from $200,000.

Even the IOTA/USD set has given up a great deal of ground from the all-time-high of 5.8 recorded in December of last year.

Although the cost has shrunk about 77 percent from the lows, at the present price, it's still down roughly 94 percent in the highs. This affirms that the most important tendency is down, however, there are signs of a change in the short-term trend.

The 20-day EMA has started to turn up, and also the RSI is in the land that is positive, which implies that the bulls have the upper hand in the near term. Presently, the recovery is facing opposition at the 50-day SMA, which is sloping down.

In the event the bulls break from this, a move to $0.4037, followed by a dip to $0.5095 will be probable. On the flip side, if the purchase price turns down in the current rates, it might find support at the 20-day EMA. A break of this service can sink the digital money to $0.25 and under that to 0.2051.

Traders that are holding long positions in the lower rates can book partial profits and monitor their stops higher on the remaining position. Others, that are waiting to purchase, can wait for a great low to form before leaping into a purchase.


Its network continued to grow in the market and it's processed more than 100 million trades. Will the rising amounts result in a great price? Let's find out by analyzing the couple's weekly chart.

The TRX/USD pair has broken out of this overhead resistance and contains again re-entered that the array of $0.01587681--$0.02990592. The price had remained inside this range since mid-August before breaking four months back.

However, the bears couldn't capitalize upon the breakdown and push the cost lower. Aggressive buying at lower levels has pushed the price back in the scope. This affirms that the economies have slowed the lower levels.

We expect this amount to act as a significant roadblock for those bulls. However, once that line is reversed, the cryptocurrency must begin a new uptrend.

However, the downside, if the price remains above $0.01587681, it might be a buying opportunity. The downturn will restart whether the baits sink the set under $0.01089965.


On the other hand, the subsequent recovery of the cryptocurrencies saw a Bitcoin Cash spike ahead. Can Bitcoin SV play catch up, or have their own performances diverged? Let us find out.

The BSV/USD pair was trading within the range of 80.352--$123.98 as Nov. 26. The breakdown of the range in Dec. 13 was a short-term affair, since the price quickly climbed back to it by Dec. 17. This proves that the markets have slowed the reduced levels.

Following the rally has taken the cost back to the top of the range. Efforts to break out of this scope collapsed to keep on Dec. 20 and Dec. 21. But a positive indication is the virtual money hasn't given up much earth -- that reveals buying service.

If the price remains above $100, the bulls are likely to break from the range once again. If successful, another target on the upside is $167.608.

Conversely, if the cryptocurrency fails to crack from this stove, it may slide to its own bottom.


About 2,500 merchants in Venezuela take Dash payments, which can be over fifty percent of their total 4,500 merchants around the planet that take it.

Lately, Church's Chicken restaurants began accepting Dash obligations in Venezuela. With its popularity picking up, it is not surprising that Dash's partner Kriptomobile was able to market 53,000 KRIP telephones in Venezuela so much better.

The trend in the DASH/USD pair is clearly down. It's been on a one time move since topping out at $1,625 in December 2017. Last week, the price had shrunk to triple digits from a low of 56.214 final weeks. Although the rally is remarkable, it can't be regarded as a trend change.

In order for the tendency to change, then the price will have to stabilize, form a highlighting pattern and then signal a trend change. In case the buying goes on, the pullback can achieve $120, followed by a move to $160.805, the amount from where the current leg of the downtrend started.

However, the downside, the support will be at $80 and under that at $60. The downtrend will resume whether the bears sink the virtual money below $56.214. Although the short-term dealers may ride this movement greater, the investors should wait for a new buy installment to form on the weekly chart prior to establishing new long positions.


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