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JRR Crypto Launches Token Design Competition

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JRR Crypto Launches Token Design Competition

In a Cooperation with LongHash along with BTC Inc, JRR Crypto has established a global token design competition.

Beginning on October 26, According to the category, it's designed to tackle one of the basic issues that the growth of decentralized endeavors faces today.

"JRR observed that many blockchain Projects which look a pass-through mechanism are overly focused on design instead of real economic model building and the landing of business units," according to a translated description of this contest. "JRR Crypto, BTC [Inc] and lounges collectively launched a contest to research new applications for blockchain technology development and jointly discuss new trends in digital market development"

The description also mentioned That registration will remain available until November 24. Registration is available through various channels for competitors from all states.

Selected token projects Will be rated by a panel of international judges.

The grading will be. Determined mainly by the criteria of the particular award in question, together with 40 percent of the score determined by the quality of many generalized factors, such as token distribution, performance, utilities, complexity and appreciation logic.

Finally, in ancient December, the finalists and judges will travel to Shanghai for an award Ceremony presentation. From there, the winners may get several nonmonetary Awards, such as mentorship from rival judges and media support from partnering organizations. JRR has also promised to facilitate future Meetups And actions within Asia.


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