Release GNC Coin

- 12.30

January 3, 2019 marks the 10th year anniversary of the launch of This bitcoin system. Bitcoin, the first blockchain system, is a distributed system of trade records created, and currently saved on, some 10,028 nodes across the world. But no official ceremony is planned to celebrate the anniversary because no matter is forecast to spend its money on advertising activities which will benefit the whole bitcoin system, GNC can fill the void and function as an unforgettable event for bitcoin's 10th anniversary.

At 0:00 UTC, the snapshot of bitcoin UTXO is going to be taken. Addresses that include bitcoins at the point in time may claim redemption of the amount of GNC fitting the amount of bitcoins it holds. Other words, a bitcoin holder may claim GNC, one GNC for every bitcoin they hold.

GNC is generated Through the rare approach of"snapshot" because the bitcoin ecosystem and bitcoin holders have shown value which may behave as the underlying advantage of the derivative GNC. Bitcoin has more lasting investors than other cryptocurrencies and contains several long-term holders who are not easily swayed by price changes. The proven bitcoin ecosystem community would be the very best location for planting the seeds of a genome-based, shared economy, ecosystem pursuing the use of genome information while protecting every consumers' genome identifiers.

There are two important Gap between GNC production and a typical hard fork:

1. The distinction of GNC with any other previous hard fork is all that, GNC could only be maintained within a specified period of time (Feb 2019 to May 31, 2019).

2. We estimate that at least 5 million GNC will be unclaimed due to missing key. We will rekindle these unclaimed GNC and utilize them to encourage the public good of genome data is the basic frame of the GNC project. Right after the conclusion of the claim period, some outsider coins in the wallet of MyGenomeBox (MGB) in excess of 3.3 million will soon be transmitted to an irreversible address and burned in order to prevent the issuer from exerting excessive command and to minimize doubt.

This can give clarity To the complete number of GNC in flow and empower the GNC ecosystem to have a fresh start in a simple and transparent way. GNC is thus discerned from bitcoin, as the high percentage of coins acquired through unlawful or suspicious channels are unlikely to participate.

Bitcoin has more Long-term investors than other cryptocurrencies and has many long-term holders that aren't easily swayed by price fluctuations. But, we cannot clarify who is still legitimate and honest. GNC creation will allow elimination of missing coins and unlawfully obtained coins hackers' wallets - from complete GNC source and greater predictability than bitcoin. What's more, GNC can deliver transparency into the bitcoin ecosystem because bitcoin holders' GNC assert patterns can give insights into the character of significant holder addresses.

GNC is the planet's The GNC ecosystem will probably begin with about 80% of GNC redeemed to bitcoin holders. This baseline value is what distinguishes the GNC ecosystem in the ICO token, issuer doesn't have to presale nor airdrop the components.

GNC doesn't follow The typical ICO route. It does not raise money by selling massive amounts of coins up front. On the contrary, it creates an ecosystem about a well-established coin because the objective of nominal sale is to build an ecosystem.

Three thousand coins in MGB's custody will be dispersed over a specified interval, at a planned fashion, to reduce market disruption. They will also play a very important part in distributing coins to benefit those who donate to our societal aim of promoting the use of genome data for the public interest. For instance, patients with certain diseases need to be rewarded if they volunteer to discuss their genome data.

Now the Attention is drawn to the way the cryptographic community will react to provocative ideas of Just how a Lot of the Major bitcoin holders will assert for GNC and how many pockets will proceed is worthy of notice.


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