Jan 8, 2019. Digital Money Forum at CES 2019 - BITCOIN NET MAGZ

Jan 8, 2019. Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

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Jan 8, 2019. Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019 is a 1 day reception and conference, which focuses on the conversion of money to electronic currencies. Held amidst the invention that's the hallmark of CES, this summit and markets provides attendees with a look at a few of the latest new products in the fintech, crypto, blockchain along with ICO communities, with an eye on the way the road forward will play out.

"No Cash" talked here. We've reached the tipping point where Somebody pulling a wad of money to produce a payment has become a rarity. However, what's replacing it? Swiping a card is simple. Tapping a screen is easier still. Swiping your view? Enrolling in VR? Paying with a voice command? Eyeball or decorative identification? Virtual currency? And first and foremost, blockchain and ICOs spoken here!

However you cover in the electronic world, you'd best believe it's Going to demand a few new paradigms about what cash, the way to ensure that Cash has stored value and hope, and some intriguing new hardware and software Innovation. See exactly what you ought to be thinking about as you invest, make new Payment systems, and re-architect the area of finance.


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