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‘Don’t Hold Your Breath,’ Waiting for Bitcoin ETF Says SEC ‘Crypto Mom’

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‘Don’t Hold Your Breath,’ Waiting for Bitcoin ETF Says SEC ‘Crypto Mom’

Commission (SEC) said not to hold your breath' waiting to get a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the Digital Asset Investment Forum held in Washington D.C. Dec. 5.

That the SEC's decision to reject a Bitcoin ETF proposed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, said that a crypto or Bitcoin ETF will be"definitely potential," but it may be years off:

"Surely potential may be 20 years From now or it may be tomorrow. Do not hold your breath. The SEC took quite a long time to [launch] Finhub. It might take much longer to approve an exchange traded merchandise."

According to Pierce, she is also trying to convince her colleagues"to Have a bit more of an open mind" when it comes to crypto adoption, but it might have quite a while.
That the SEC sees a great deal of institutional and retail interest and also will interact with it in many ways. She added:

"I believe we Will Need to promote Institutionalization in crypto area. That's not what the people who live in the space desire, but I believe there are institutional folks who wish to be in this area [...] And the best way that we can provide retail investors to get into this space is via a spot that's more institutionalized."

When asked about recent SEC enforcements,"Crypto Mother, " said that people Have to obey the law, but the government is not able to figure out whether the regulation is preventing people from realizing new or revolutionary ideas.

"I want to make sure that the doors to the invention are open, And they are not too constrained by law," she reasoned.
Providing any specific time period for a Bitcoin ETF, but instead reiterated the SEC's posture. "I'm not going to comment on the timing or something like this, but We have been clear about a number of those problems that are of concern for people," he informed CNBC.


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