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Bytom Is Connecting Physical and Digital Assets

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Bytom Is Connecting Physical and Digital Assets

Benefits of all stripes have been recognized for their worth in Construction Wealth, paying debts and fulfilling short- and long-term commitments. Now, however, with the exponential increase of computing power and big data, the worth of rigorously digital assets has eclipsed the classic physical assets that were laying the basis of private wealth.

Therefore, there is a growing requirement for projects that may connect the worlds Of traditional physical resources and cutting-edge electronic ones, thereby providing the best of the worlds.

A key player in this movement to move real-world assets to the electronic Planet is a job known as Bytom. With an eye on rapid advancements occurring on the planet of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this nearly 2-year-old project aspires to become the collision point between the new and old school.

Bytom is a blockchain protocol of numerous byte assets that serves as an Engine to the exchange and interaction of real world resources. Its target market comprises blockchain industry insiders and fans, large info and AI industry leaders and institutions and individuals trying to build financial and digital strength applications.
Of 8btc, and Duan Xinxingsaid former vice president of OKCoin. Even the Bytom Foundation is situated in Singapore, a country ready with favorable laws for blockchain development. This variable plays an integral part in the accelerated development of Bytom's ecosystem.

Congruent with its broader goals, Bytom seeks to address a number of crucial Compliance issues about linking digital assets with physical assets by sharply improving and optimizing the underlying technology that drives this procedure.

The Bytom blockchain Contains 3 Kinds of asset categories for Exchange:

Income assets, such as nonperforming assets, adjusted local government investments And homestay properties
Personal funds

Securitized assets like debts and auto loans

The Bytom protocol allows these assets to be tradable on-chain, while Eliminating middlemen who are traditionally involved in strength transfers and recordkeeping. It has led to faster transactions and reduced costs. In addition, the blockchain allows for increased safety for these assets than would be achieved if they had been with a third-party organization.

Users have the ability to create asset-backed securities around the Bytom Blockchain through the use of intelligent contracts, allowing them to register and tokenize their own assets. The platform may also be used for fundraising or initial coin offering (ICO) campaigns.

Even the Bytom blockchain protocol is an interactive protocol for multiple byte assets. Its native token, known as"BTM," is traditionally used as a transaction fee for asset trading, revenue advantage dividends and for asset issuance deposits. These coins could be stored in Bytom's official pocket, which is readily available for download on Windows, Linux and macOS.

With the maximum amount of Bytom tokens set at 2.1 billion, over 1 billion BTM coins have been already in circulation. These coins can be purchased with another cryptocurrencies on several exchanges, such as RightBTC, Huobi, OK Ex, KuCoin along with Bibox.

Bytom completed its token sale in June, 2017. 5 percent of the Complete distribution was dispersed during the ICO, with the other 20 percent booked for its Bytom Foundation. Ten percent was put aside for company development, 7 percent for private equity investors and 33 percent of mining attempts.

The Bytom mainnet was officially launched on April 24, 2018. In June of 2018, a token swap of ERC-20 Bytom tokens to the indigenous Bytom coins happened across a number of exchanges. Bytom then released its smart contract functionality in late June.

Amid this flurry of progress, a partnership was made with East Lake Big Data Asset Exchange, an Organization involved with delivering large information solutions for Chinese government bureaus. East Lake is cooperating with Bytom to bring new innovations to block chain systems and information asset trading.

And, in a sensible user instance, Bytom eased the world's first cargo Shipment with BTM as online payment in combination with SeaRates, the earliest resource devoted to online logistics. Through the collaborative undertaking, a dispatch from China to South Korea was successfully executed via the usage of BTM.

SeaRates now utilizes Bytom to execute transactions with precision and efficiency. Because of this, BTM has the distinction of becoming the sole cryptocurrency supported by SeaRates for online payments tied to advertising and worldwide trade.

"The launching of Bytom comes from an actual need in the community," stated CEO Duan Xinxing. "8btc was among the earliest cryptocurrency and blockchain communities and forums. Many ancient writers and crowds of 8btc are very pioneers and leaders in this sector now. But despite having developed many successful public chains, cooperation chains and personal chains, they encountered the identical problem, that is, assets and interests can only be managed on different chains and cannot interact with one another, let alone socialize with traditional assets in the real world."

Xinxing added that, so as to Understand the interaction between different Digital resources in the nuclear byte worlds,'' Chang Jia and he made a decision to start Bytom.

"First, we want to maximize the underlying technology, to Be Able to guarantee a More stable operation of Bytom's mainnet," he said. "Second, we're aiming to make a better service mechanism for developers through a more convenient smart deal and programming language aid. Finally, our hope is to enlarge the developer community and the business cooperation community."

Notice: Trading and investing in digital assets are insecure and can be High dangerous. Based on the changing regulatory and business environment of such a New business, this content should not be considered legal or investment advice. 


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