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BitGo Hires Trust Company Veteran as CEO of Its Custody Arm

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BitGo Hires Trust Company Veteran as CEO of Its Custody Arm

BitGo has a new CEO for its custody enterprise.

The cryptocurrency solution supplier has recruited Richard Corcoran as its Brand new chief executive officer. Having retired several years back after over 30 years in the standard banking and finance industry, Corcoran has come out of retirement to direct the BitGo Trust Company, BitGo's crypto divorce arm.

BitGo received approval from the South Dakota Division of Banking on September 2018, empowering it to act as a professional custodian of electronic assets for its own institutional investors. At the time it was launched, BitGo Chief Compliance Officer Shahla Ali explained that BitGo's custody would provide"modern safety for modern assets."

BitGo CEO Mike Belshe emphasized the influence Corcoran could have about the firm, noting from the media release that he possesses a"profound comprehension of the opportunities and value creation that BitGo provides to its institutional clients."

Corcoran, who brings over 30 decades of wealth management expertise to BitGo, will probably be based in South Dakota, a country he knows well, having attended undergrad at South Dakota and spent almost all of his professional career working in the state.

As VP, Corcoran led a team responsible for managing a $4 billion confidence and A full-service investment brokerage department. Having just retired from the First National Bank, Corcoran is coming out of retirement to function in a Sector that is, in many respects, antithetical to his old crush.

When questioned about why he chose to join the blockchain Business, having only Retired in the Trust business a couple of years before, Corcoran told the Bitcoinnetmagz that he had been impressed with BitGo's leadership and how far the Business had come.

"I had been enjoying retirement this past year and wasn't seeking new opportunities. However, I was so impressed by both Mike Belshe and BitGo's Accomplishments, and I wanted to become a part of the exciting company that is Delivering the highest levels of both security and regulatory compliance"

Mike Belshe. Stated Corcoran's background is the specific profile required to conduct the BitGo Trust Company.

"Together with the BitGo Technology, Dick brings the institutional Trust Management to create the world's greatest digital asset custodian. With Dick's team, There is absolutely not any doubt in the eyes of our customers who BitGo is the absolute best Custody offering."


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